9 Months on with Dr Arshad & Hair Dr Clinic

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Hello I am Michael from Leeds, age 32 and I had a FUE hair transplant with Dr Arshad at the Hair Dr Clinic in Dewsbury back in Feburary 2018. I have had amazing resul

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Hello I am Michael from Leeds, age 32 and I had a FUE hair transplant with Dr Arshad at the Hair Dr Clinic in Dewsbury back in Feburary 2018. I have had amazing results, compliments and feel great! So I decided to have a go at doing a forum of my story to show, advise and answer any questions for other people out there who have just had the proceedure done or considering it. I have a Instagram page of my Hair transplant story which I  blog about it, If interested in that search 'mikes_fue_story. So I will start my story with a before and current 9 months on photo and a brief account of why I had the proceedure done, and kinda a little introduction. Then I will go back to the beggings and give a detailed account of my story.

I hope you enjoy reading and that it helps you with your own hairloss worries or conserns post proceedure. I am no professional and will advise you best to my knowledge and from my experience.

Ok.. so my profile picture already shows you I have a great hairline again and great density which is why i am starting this way. I used to have long hair in my early to mid 20's and around age 26 I cut it short and noticed along with family and friends say ' receeding a bit there Michael' and I thought it just becaused I had gone from long hair to cutting it short so didnt think of it as a issue. gettin closer to 30 I knew i was thinning and receeding at the temples and often looked into ways to resolve this. Me been weird and into these things I always knew about hair transplants when i wasnt receeding. I never liked the FUT method and the having a liniar scar. So I already knew about the FUE hair transplant method and was intrigued and would watch videos of the proceedure ect. Last years (2017) Christmas dinner with familyconversation started about my hairline and that ' I was the last in the family people would think would loose his hair' And just as I thought they made comments like I still had a lot of hair still on top and its just receeding. I then told them I had actually been thinking of going to see a couple of surgeons for their opinion and quotes, Having a idea of price and amount Id need. Family agreed and said 'why not' so in new year I filled in online on 2 websites and awaited thier responses. Only the Hair Dr Clinic responded and so I sent in photos, to which they replied to a day later and gave me a rough quote and set up a face to face consultation with Dr Arshad. When I arrived and was met with a warm welcoming and friendly Sommiya who is the Practice manager and she took me to the office where I was met with Dr Arshad.

I will pause the story there like I say I will go back to the beginning and give a more detailed account and photos of that stage. If you can not wait then again look up my Instagram mikes_fue_story and see pictures there and feel free to message me there.

The picture I have uploaded with this post shows you my hair before FUE proceedure with the receeding hairline and temples  compared to now 9 months + on... Think you would agree there is a MASSIVE difference!! Briefly.. as I will go into more detail in future posts, I was unhappy I was loosing my hair so young... we all do/are. I did not feel I was down and depressed about it but I know I missed it, worried what I would look like bald, felt I still had too much hair to be shaving it down every other day and I know I did not like looking at pictures as been fair haired and lighting I look more bald than what I saw in the mirror. But as soon as the proceedure was finished and I was led back to Dr Arshad's affice to do the big reveal... I saw a new man in the mirror! I aint the most confident of people but I immediately felt more confident and so much happier as I could see a new full hairline on my head! 


Hope this has been a nice introduction to my experience and story and I will add more detailed posts and photos soon. I am just happy to talk about it and help advise anyone going through hair loss and considering the proceedure. Without sounding cheesy and big headed but this before and after photo speaks for itself and shows you my amazing results so far and the fantastic work of Dr Arshad and the Hair Dr team.

Thank you 


Thank you for sharing your story Michael. Sounds like you had a great experience and the results look great for only 9 months. Please keep the forum updated.

Sounds like a great experience and result!

Looks like you have gotten a great result pal! Thank you for sharing.

Thanks AdamJ87 yeah I am super pleased and couldnt be happier with the results.

Thank You! 

Follow up with my 2nd procedure on another thread with the same clinic and surgeon.