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Dr Lindsey, thank you for your support and very generous offer to all UK patients. 

Its our independence day! Very kind gesture Dr Lindsey, and an offer of a great discount from a great surgeon will sure make the UK chaps consider a trip to the US within the coming months :)

Cool guy and a cool offer Dr Lindsey. Very considerate for my fellow brits... Do you visit the UK often Dr Lindsey? Be cool to meet you in person.

You can tell us brits love a discount, over 3 thousand views in a view hours lmao. Great gesture from a great surgeon. 

Agreed, great gesture from Dr Lindsey in a time of uncertainty for us Brits, and helps me!

A very kind offer from a leading surgeon. Is this for both FUT/FUE?

Fantastic gesture. I see discounts everyday from unknown clinics but to see this from a leading surgeon is a great gesture as we know, Dr Lindsey produces solid work :)

Hi guys, 

Im Dr Lindsey's patient advisor. If i can help in any way feel free to contact me.





And a house call too if you can coordinate it with letting me stay at your house in London for Gilmour's last shows at the Royal Albert Hall!  I saw him there last year on my birthday and would love to have an excuse to come again to see the greatest living guitarist in the world.


Dr. L

Give us a call when in London Dr Lindsey, we can go for a pint :) 

I think it is very good offer ! People could really go for ..