We have done an very successful FUE Hair Transplant last year and happy to share the results today.

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Simon had been using thickening fibres to make his hair look fuller, but it was not a permanent option and as his hair thinned further, it became more difficult to achieve the desired effect.

He wanted a natural looking hairline without using fibres, but was concerned about the cost of a full hair transplant in London.

After being recommended to us by his barber for a [FUE Hair Transplant] consultation in London, we were to able to provide a procedure plan that would meet Simons goals and budget, and he’s been delighted with the results ever since. See before and after below.

![FUE hair transplant]

He regularly sends us pictures of new hairstyles which shows his new found freedom with styling his hair exactly as he chooses.

The first step towards addressing hair loss in London is by contacting [Capital Hair Restoration] or visit us at [10 Harley St, London W1G 9PF, United Kingdom].

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