Dr. Bisanga - AFRO 2400 FUT - 0 - 8 Months

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This patient came to us for a Strip surgery. The goal was to re-establish a feminine hair line and work back into the loss areas. Female patients often prefer Strip surgery as it is easier to conceal post surgery.

Afro hair does have particular challenges but also benefits associated to it and it does need a specialist approach and a doctor and team who understands skin types, the curl of the graft and hair and also the directions and density they need to be placed in for a natural look.

The result here is tremendous at 8 months, showing already good density and naturalness and the patient was very happy to come in for a check-up, record a video and give her testimony of the change to her that this surgery has given her

FU - HAIR Breakdown
1s - 589/589
2s - 1077/2154
3s - 713/2139
4s - 21/84
TOTAL: 2400/4966 - 2.06.




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