Dr. Bisanga and Dr. Kostis FUE 2180 Grafts Hair Transplant Result

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The patient's goal was to address his recession. This was a shared surgery performed by both Dr. Bisanga and Dr. Kostis and shows the pre-surgery design for the hairline and working backwards into the recession through to the six-month stage. 2180 grafts were used to accomplish the desired look.

The patient has experienced fast and significant growth already at this stage and is very happy with the outcome so far. We expect more growth and maturity over the coming months but nonetheless, he already has a very good improvement and was happy to share his journey.
We will endeavour to update this case through to the 12-month mark.

AGE: 37
MEDS: None

1s 424/484
2s 842/1684
3s 584/1752
4s 330/1320
TOTAL: 2180/5240 - 2.4 average.



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