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    • November 30, 2014 5:02 PM PST
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      (UPDATE)Dr Hakan DOGANAY/5026(4006+1200) Grafts

      These are the result of 5206 (1200 from beard) grafts from a 32 years old patient. We first post 7 month results of this case, and will update it ones we receive new pictures from the patient in the following months. Some of the pictures are not very clear since we received them from the patient, but they are clear enough to compare before/after results. Grafts Details: Single 1356 Double 2175 Multiple 475 Beard 1200 TOTAL 5206 We use CHOI IMPLANTER PEN technique to implant the grafts. With this technique adjusting the angles of the grafts is easy if a doctor has enough experience. Since we are very confident with our techniques (CHOI and FUE), we get very natural results as they can be seen from the results we posted. ***Our price includes after care medicines, shampoo, PRP, accommodation , meals, transportation in the city (not the flight ticket) that our patients can feel more comfortable during their operation times in Turkey. To learn about the ***Additionally, We apply PRP Therapy to our patients for free. For more information: FOR FREE CONSULTATION:







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      7 MONTHS


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      TO SEE MORE RESULTS: Dr Hakan Doganay Results

    • November 30, 2014 5:20 PM PST
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