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    • September 5, 2014 5:07 PM PDT
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      These are 4082 grafts (3706+376) after 1 week, 2 weeks until 15 months results. 


      1690 Single Grafts

      1177 Double Grafts

      839 Multiple Grafts

      376 beard graft


      TOTAL 4082 Grafts


      We used CHOI IMPLANTER PEN technique with 6 and 8 mm diameters. With this technique adjusting the angles of the grafts is easy if a doctor has enough experience. Since we are very confident with our techniques (CHOI and FUE), we get very natural results as they can be seen from the results we posted.

      *** We apply PRP Therapy to our patients for free:

      ** ***Our price includes after care medicines, shampoo, PRP, accommodation , meals, transportation in the city (not the flight ticket) that our patients can feel more comfortable during their operation times in Turkey.






      From "Immediate After the Operation" to "After 1 and 2 weeks":




      From 3 MONTHS to 15 MONTHS







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      For Consultation:

      TO SEE MORE RESULTS: Dr Hakan Doganay Results

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